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    Braun silk epil 7 пилинг

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    by TisIHereToTellTheTruth

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    I am all too familiar with various unwanted hair removal techniques having tried most all: bleaching, waxing, shaving, depilatory creams, sugaring, tweezing, professional electrolysis. Conducted tedious online research for affordable unwanted hair removal tools, specifically facial, even the too-expensive-for-my-budget Tria and No!No! And after price-checking Amazon, O.com, eBay, samsclub.com, walmart.com, I ordered the Braun Silk-Epil 7681 Epilator from walmart.com. Package arrived in excellent shape, earlier than expected from walmart.com via FedEx SmartPost whereby FedEx hands-off the package to USPS who delivers to home mailbox; only negative being USPS here has no residential delivery service, requiring I make special trip to post office (so much for free shipping)! This Braun epilator 7681 is made in Germany by a company with solid reputation (a rare find these days as majority of manufacture comes from Far East). Very stylish design, easy to hold with one hand. Illumination light to see any missed hairs. Multiple attachments including a shaver head, cleaning brush, pursestring storage bag. The model 7681 is portable for use on legs/arms/underarms/bikini area/face either dry or wet (shower). Requires 1 hour charge before initial use, then allows 40 minutes of epilation before recharge. Instructions easy to understand, offered in several languages. Braun suggests thoroughly reading instructions before initial use--done while awaiting unit's initial charge. A bit concerned about lack of easy identification of the various attachments. When instructions indicate use of particular attachment, it is identified by name and letter (not picture), so user must flip to front of instructions to ID. Time-saver: Inscribe corresponding letter inside each attachment using permanent marker! I also called Braun Customer Care to suggest printing letters inside attachments for easy ID. For those unfamiliar with epilators (like myself), when unit switched on there will be a buzzing noise (reminiscent of my dad's electric shaver, incidentally a Braun), not overtly loud. All areas to be epilated must have very short hair for best results. I prepped upper lip/chin areas with alcohol, set unit on low, pulled skin taut with left hand and, using the right, gently pressed epilator against chin. Recalling the "intense pain to point of tears" while undergoing electrolysis as well as reading one review lamenting the pain of epilation, I halfway expected same. Not so, my friends, not so! Just a brief, slight sting as hairs plucked out--absolutely no tears, even when addressing sensitive upper lip! Wow! A tinge of redness of the just-epilated area disappeared within minutes (reaction perhaps as I'm Scots-Irish with sensitive fair Caucasian skin). And to my amazement, the 7681 removed many coarse dark hairs with roots intact (!), even pesky white-greys unseen by naked eye, felt with fingertips! After epilating, I splashed treated areas with plain cool water, applied chilled witch hazel with aloe for its skin-calming effect using cotton ball, lightly patted epilated skin dry with soft towel. About 30 minutes elapsed before applying moisturizing cream. No prickly stubble! No redness! No irritation! No pain! Just baby-bum-smooth-hairless upper lip and chin! Cleaning? Easy. I removed cap to expose tweezers, swept away all visible hairs using cleaning brush, then dipped brush in 97% alcohol (for antiseptic effect) and gently cleansed tweezers while manually rotating tweezer barrel. Once finished, I turned unit on then off to ensure no fluids remained, applied cap, then recharged for next use. Results? Wow! Awesome! Right on! Why ever did I wait so long to buy this epilator? Seriously! My review herein is based on upper lip/chin hair removal, thus I honestly cannot comment as to how well the 7681 performs on arms/underarms/legs/bikini area, yet remain confident of imminent victory in said problematic areas! Bottom line: If you are tired of dealing with pesky unwanted hair growth, especially upper lip/chin, I strongly urge the purchase of a Braun 7681 epilator from walmart.com (best price) and hope you found my extensive review beneficial.

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